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Audience Reactions
Audience Reactions
Mandisa - Recording Artist
Jim McBride
Jim McBride - Facing The Giants
Ken Bevel
Ken Bevel - Fireproof and Courageous
Karen Kingsbury
Karen Kingsbury - Bestselling Author
TC Stallings
TC Stallings - War Room and Courageous
Shannen Fields
Shannen Fields - Facing The Giants
Jason McLeod
Jason McLeod - Facing The Giants and Fireproof
Stephen Dervan
Stephen Dervan - Fireproof
Brent Crowe
Brent Crowe - Student Leadership University
Bishop Ellis
Bishop Ellis - Global United Fellowship
Jay Strack
Jay Strack - Author / Student Leadership University


“Wonderfully entertains and inspires!”
Phil Boatwright, Baptist Press
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“The storytelling, acting and cinematography are superior.”
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“A powerful, must-see family friendly film!”
Christian Film Review
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“Will have you cheering!”
The Dove Foundation
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“A terrific challenge of determining what truly defines us.”
Chris Carpenter, CBN
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“OVERCOMER is the heartwarming, often funny, poignant story”
Dr. Ted Baehr, MOVIEGUIDE®
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“You will laugh and you will probably cry after watching this compelling story.”
Jamie Broadnax, Black Girl Nerds
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“Inspiring! Aims at your heart and soul”
World Slingers
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“WOW! We were astonished at how well this movie was done and how intensely it moved our hearts! This movie is a MUST SEE for everyone.”
Dana R
“We saw this movie last week in Tasmania, Australia and thought it was brilliant! Challenged to rethink who we really are and shift our identity from worldly things to Christ himself. … Highly recommend everyone sees it.”
John L
“My husband and I went to see the movie on our date night and we fell in love with it, went back and brought our two daughters to see it! This movie is powerful. …”
Tracey K
“This is an awesome movie with a powerful message about our identity in Christ. Believe me, you do not want to miss this!”
Michael G
“Saw it last Friday night with my husband and two teenage daughters and we ALL TRULY LOVED it!! Made us ALL cry and REALLY makes you realize and remember what is important. Blessed beyond measure and reminded how much so with this movie!! Recommend EVERYONE see it.”
Keri W
“War Room is a real tough act to follow. This movie delivered. Thank you! Just got back from an awesome movie experience!”
Arieta M
“God is good! Thanks so much for this beautiful movie. We cried, we laughed, we sang and we received so much inspiration to Love God more.”
“This is such an awesome, must-see movie. It addresses real life struggles and triumphs. … “Overcomer grabs you by the feelings from the very beginning and does not let go.”
Crystal J
“Totally the best movie ever!”
Karen M
“My husband and I just saw Overcomer last night and WOW! We were astonished at how well this movie was done and how intensely it moved our hearts! “This movie is a MUST SEE for everyone!”
Dana R
“Kendrick Brothers bring it! Their movies keep getting better and better! Thanks!”
William E
“Took my whole family tonight and we all loved it, even the teen who doesn't like movies, the tweens, and a husband who usually only likes sci-fi. Thank you!!”
Linda M
“Just got home from seeing this movie with my mom and son ❤ what an amazing message!”
Maribeth M
“Made me cry, made me smile and gave me hope! Wonderful, beautiful movie!”
Naomi O
“Saw the movie last night, I highly recommend it to my friends!!! Speaks truth over who we are and just how powerful forgiveness can be!!!! Would go again and see it.”
Mary D
“We were blessed to see this movie. … It is amazing for the whole family. So inspiring!”
Deborah H


“Matters of identity are crucial to us as believers and image bearers of God. Both who we are and who we allow to define us have emerged as the most pressing questions in our world today. I’m thrilled that my friends Alex and Stephen Kendrick have written and created OVERCOMER—for the identity crisis we’re seeing in our streets, our churches, our schools, our homes, and our workplaces. Using the truths of Scripture, OVERCOMER tells the story of who we are in Christ. I highly encourage all to see it in theaters.”
Dr. Tony Evans
OVERCOMER shows the incredible impact a transformational coach can have on their own family, their athletes and the community!”
Jeff Martin, Executive Director of Ministry Advancement, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
OVERCOMER is incredible! It shoots right through the heart of one of the biggest challenges in our culture: Identity, ‘Who am I?’ It’s entertaining, challenging, will make you laugh and cry, and most of all it helps you discover or rediscover who you are in Christ.”
Mark Merrill, President, Family First, All Pro Dads
“Who are you? OVERCOMER powerfully, truthfully, and even humorously helps us answer this question about our real identity. This is the Kendrick Brothers’ best movie yet! I highly recommend encouraging your children’s ministry volunteers and church family to see this movie!”
Michayla White, Executive Director, International Network of Children’s Ministry
OVERCOMER is an incredible story of restoration and what it looks like to find our purpose and identity in Christ alone.”
Coach Hugh Freeze, Head Football Coach at Liberty University
OVERCOMER makes you feel like stopping the excuses and getting on with doing what you need to do to become the person God called you to be. Take the whole family, it will be a powerful experience.”
Stephen Arterburn, Founder/CEO, New Life Ministries
OVERCOMER is a great movie not only about faith, but inspiration, determination, and family. A feel-good movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat cheering. I really enjoyed the entire movie.”
Jake Dalton, 2-time Olympic Gymnast, 4-time World Medalist
"Wow! OVERCOMER is the Kendrick Brothers’ best project yet. Yes, it's about cross-country running, but more importantly, it clearly and effectively shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Run for God gives it a whole-hearted stamp of approval and we hope you will too.”
Mitchell Hollis, Founder, Run For God
“It’s clear that the Kendricks have once again come up with a powerful compelling story that drives home an important truth about our identity as sons and daughters of God. OVERCOMER is going to connect deeply with millions of people.”
Bob Lepine, Co-host, FamilyLife Today
OVERCOMER is a powerful portrayal of God’s work in the lives of people. Every person, at every age, needs to see this film!”
Ryan Frank, CEO/Publisher KidzMatter
OVERCOMER hits a central issue in marriages, families, church and culture - Identity. When we find our Identity in Christ, we don’t look for it in other places.”
Dr. Gary Chapman, Author, 5 Love Languages
OVERCOMER is a movie every woman (young and old) should see. Not only does the film address a major issue for women in our culture (Identity, who am I?), but it models so beautifully what a Godly wife and marriage look like. Throw in other themes like family, humor, hope, faith, challenges, mentoring, and it’s an all-around incredible film!”
Susan Merrill, IMom Director, Author
OVERCOMER is an amazing movie that reminds us how a coach can make a difference in the lives of others by showing the love of Jesus. It’s a must-see movie for everyone in any family. And it’s great for coaches and athletes of any sport.”
Charlie Weatherbie, Former Head Football Coach, US Naval Academy, Metro Director Southwest Florida Fellowship of Christian Athletes
“The Kendricks have created another great film that hits the bulls eye for cultural change: IDENTITY. OVERCOMER will deeply impact our nation for the good. A culture, family, and next-generation game changer.”
Dr. David Ferguson, Executive Director,
“Without a doubt, it is the best Christian film I have ever seen! Alex and Stephen Kendrick have captured present-day cultural and societal realities through this story while addressing identity, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Don’t miss this opportunity … OVERCOMER will touch your soul and demand a response.”
Barry Sneed, Executive Director, Association of Churches, Christian Care Ministry
“OVERCOMER is a great representation and reminder that regardless of your start in life or physical abilities, God has an amazing plan for you. It is through unlikely situations He makes the impossible happen. I’ve seen this in my own life and praise Him for it!”
Ott DeFoe, 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion, MLF Bass Pro Tour
OVERCOMER surpassed my expectations in providing encouragement and challenge to my walk with Christ. Looking forward to our church seeing this movie! Make sure you plan to see it.”
Pastor Ron Tipton, Murdock Baptist Church, Port Charlotte, Fla.
OVERCOMER draws you in with ongoing humor and drama that both entertains and offers times of unique self discovery. This is a movie that could change your life!”
Brian Doyle, Founder and President, Iron Sharpens Iron
OVERCOMER is a movie filled with a powerful mix of faith, twists of humor, and a ton of heart. Invite everyone you know to see this new, inspiring film.”
Phil and Debbie Waldrep, Women of Joy
OVERCOMER is one of those movies that ties together great acting, a story that has a twist you don’t see coming, and a great message of both overcoming and forgiveness, artfully woven together. It’s a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and come away with more hope in your heart than when you entered the theater. The Kendrick Brothers have done it again. Don’t miss it!”
Larry Sonnenburg, President, New Life Ministries
“Anyone serving in our schools needs to see OVERCOMER. Let OVERCOMER renew your hope for what God wants to do at your school.”
David Schmus, Executive Director, Christian Educators Association International
OVERCOMER presents the gospel message in a clear and powerful way. The audience will leave having seen the gospel and having heard the gospel.”
Roger Stacy, Director of Mission, Gibson Baptist Association
OVERCOMER is another wonderful movie from the Kendrick Brothers. This movie touches so many aspects of life, providing opportunities for deeper conversations regarding family, faith, forgiveness, and the impact of our decisions. I can’t wait to invite our church to a day at the movies that will launch group discussions.”
Pastor Adrian S. Taylor, Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Gainesville
OVERCOMER captures the realities of several seeking souls that find the truth of His message along their individual and collective journeys. Any viewer will find a character that they can relate to and learn from. Highly recommend to all.”
Dan Wood,"Daily Amazed," NCCAA Executive Director
“There is just something about the power of story. It engages, disarms, and draws people to a place to see how it intersects with their own story. OVERCOMER takes you on a journey of redemption and reminds all of us where true identity and significance is actually found. Many in our community will use this film as a bridge for conversation and impact; for our friends to see how their challenges are the perfect place for God to show up and do what only He can do.”
Chad Caddell, Teaching Pastor, First Church of Christ, Burlington
“The value of a godly mentor in the life of a young man or woman can’t be overstated. We love the Kendrick Brothers’ new movie, OVERCOMER, and how its story is a wonderful example of the heart behind Trail Life USA.”
Mark Hancock, CEO Trail Life USA
OVERCOMER caused deep emotion in me: forgiveness, redemption, and overcoming life’s greatest challenges. A must see film!”
Jeffrey Haglund, Lead Missional Strategist, Florida North Central Baptist Association
"Using the sport of running as a metaphor, OVERCOMER reminds us that disciplined living and a strong sense of self alongside extensive training and positive coaching can lead to peak performance in life’s biggest races. Most importantly, the film is a mile marker on life’s journey that reads: “You are not your failures, and they cannot change who God created you to be. You are a winner!”
Dr. Kimberly Clay, Founder and CEO of Play Like A Girl
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